The 10:23 Campaign – Get involved and combat homeopathy

The 10:23 Campaign has finally begun and skeptics can now do their bit to help combat the joke that is homeopathy.

Homeopathic remedies either do nothing, or sometimes have non-specific effects. This is a demonstrable fact. But large pharmacy brands such as Boots (UK) happily stock homeopathic products, while admitting that they know they don’t work. Boots has admitted that they only stock homeopathy products because the “customers believe it works”.

The 10:23 Campaign has made Boots their first target, and you can get involved too. The first action of the campaign is to provide an open letter demanding Boots take the homeopathy products off their shelves. You can get involved and do your bit by signing the open letter which can be found by clicking here.

If you share this post, please add “10:23” at the end. If you tweet it, please use “ten23” as a hashtag. If you are curious what these numbers mean, take a look here.

The 10:23 Campaign website can be found at

Go on, do your bit!

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  1. Real (homeopathic) medicine cures even when Conventional Allopathic Medicine (CAM) fails

  2. Homeopathy is not ‘real’ medicine, hence why it comes under the ‘alternative’ category. If alternative medicine worked, it would just be called medicine.

    There is absolutely nothing to homeopathy. It’s woo in its most obvious form.

    This sums it up nicely:

  3. ‘Real (homeopathic)’—> FAIL.

  4. Evidence-based modern homeopathy is the scientific revolution (fastest growing medicine in the world) in the 21st century

  5. “Evidence-based homeopathy”? The evidence indicates that homeopathic remedies either do nothing or have non-specific effects. Looking at your profile, I thought you would have been aware of the research into homeopathy.

    You have more chance of winning the lottery five times in a row than finding a single molecule of active ingredient in homeopathic remedies at 30C.

    It’s a pseudoscientific revolution. Don’t bring science down to the level of thinking sugar pills and pure water cure different and specific diseases.

  6. She’s not a real Doctor. Checked out her page. She got her qualification from a homepathic university.

    She’s a real doctor in the sense that Kent Hovind is a real doctor.

    Sorry “Dr” Nancy Malik. Fail.

  7. I guess in homeopathy university, they don’t cover the evidence. I suppose it would be a bit counter-productive.

    I’ve got an online degree like Nancy’s too. Post-modern Knitting (seriously). I got mine online, unlike Kent, who got his in a shed.

  8. Hi Nancy!

    You’re still trolling blogs and discussion forums with your nonsense, I see?

    When will you finally realise that anecdotes are no where near sufficient as ‘evidence’ when talking about people’s health?

    Let us know when you have some proper evidence.

  9. Just like a scientist to reject something before there are carefully constructed studies. This may be similar to rejecting the Germ Theory before people could visualize microbes! Are you so certain that this is quackery that you are willing to relegate potentially important health interventions to a dumpster?

    Since we don’t know how homeopathy is supposed to work, it remains a bit of a mystery and we can’t know the mechanism of how it doesn’t. This same thinking prevented the legalization of acupuncture in the US for many years. I have seen patients have their health improved with homeopathic remedies. Should we return their illnesses to them because we don’t know the precise mechanism that delivered an improvement? Sounds like there may be more ego than science behind this effort.

  10. Actually, that isn’t just like a scientist. That is the complete opposite of good science. What on earth are you talking about? It isn’t a mystery. Homeopathy has been studied for years. It doesn’t matter which way you look at it, there’s nothing in it. If you physically analyse the remedies, there’s nothing in them. If you give the remedies to lots of people, then give placebo pills to a control group, there are no differences. There have been plenty of carefully constructed scientific studies (that you seem to think don’t exist) that have shown repeatedly that there are only non-specific effects.

    And we know exactly how homeopathy works. Remedies are diluted so much that the active ingredient is as good as lost. In 30C remedies for example, the odds of you finding a single molecule of active ingredient is the same as winning the national lottery (UK) five times in a row. This is why skeptics can take overdoses as a joke. James Randi usually downs a whole bottle of homeopathic sleeping pills before talks, without even getting drowsy.

    If you are claiming that homeopathic remedies work, then you are suggesting that water can remember what used to be in it but is now fully removed. You then have to explain why all studies demonstrate that homeopathy doesn’t work.

    As for relegating homeopathy to the dumpster, yes. We should. Magic doesn’t belong in a pharmacy. Hell, homeopathy kills. Firstly, it often involves poisons. Fortunately homeopathy has no active ingredients, so the poisons are taking back out before sale. You buy water or sugar. But sometimes if the creators of the remedies aren’t very good at what they do, they may accidentally create a real drug, rather than magic. This has caused all sorts of problems, when homeopathic remedies have accidentally had a real effect. Most recently, there were a group of people in the US who lost their sense of smell due to a homeopathic remedy still having active ingredients within.

    I’d also take note of the deaths, especially of children with parents who provided homeopathic treatments. It’s called alternative medicine for a reason. If it worked, it would just be called medicine. Since homeopathy has nothing in it and has been shown to have no specific effects, using it instead of real medicine can be deadly. Fortunately, people are now being arrested if they elect to choose homeopathy products over real medicine and let their children die as a consequence.

    For example, jailed for manslaughter:

    Here is a list of 437 people harmed by using your magic instead of medicine:

  11. 130+ studies in support of homeopathy medicine published in 45+ peer-reviewed international journals

    Medicines for specific disease conditions, Ultra-molecular dilutions, Structure & Memory of Water, Animal Studies, Plant Studies

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