CSETI announces first ever photo of extraterrestrial

First, let’s clear something up. SETI and CSETI are not the same thing. One does serious science, the other quite simply doesn’t. CSETI describe themselves as an “international nonprofit scientific research and education organization dedicated to the furtherance of our understanding of extraterrestrial intelligence.”

You’ve maybe heard of the founder of CSETI, Dr Steven Greer. He went to the interesting Maharishi University of Management, where they teach “consciousness-based education”. Sounds fun.

Anyway, Dr Greer claims that aliens have communicated with him, and he offers courses teaching others how to communicate with extraterrestrials. And yes, he’s very serious about all of this. Like many UFOlogists, he also believes in the conspiracy theories involving the governments of the world covering up the existence of extraterrestrials. While many UFOlogists simply believe aliens visit the Earth, this guy really is in a league of his own. He claims he can teach people how to see the future. He even teaches remote viewing. Seriously. It’s like psychics who aren’t just fortunate enough to have one superpower, but can also speak with the dead, communicate with angels, see the future… With Dr Greer we get aliens visiting the Earth, psychics being real, remote viewing… Seriously.

In the latest news from CSETI, they have announced the first ever photograph of a living extraterrestrial on Earth. Computer monitors are expensive pieces of equipment, so please make sure you aren’t drinking anything when you scroll down to view the rest of this post. That was your warning. Please don’t spit Dr Pepper through your nose and onto your screen. Ready? Great. Now you can scroll down further to see the rest of the post!

Yes, this is it.

What they have to say:

“This photograph offers extraordinary evidence of interstellar, transdimensional technology, and the efficacy of CSETI contact protocols.”

I know. "Extraordinary evidence".

Yeah, I couldn’t see it either. Let’s allow CSETI to explain:

“You will note that the ET is suspended in a cone of light which is originating from a small orb to the left of the bush. This is precisely the orb that we had seen that followed us up the path, and is in the location where the ET voices were heard just before the photo was taken.

The ET appears to be a male, wearing a type of vision augmenting goggles, with a very large head with an indented area demarked by ridges in the forehead. The hairline, ears, eyes, mouth and chin are clearly visible. Both arms can be discerned, as well as a torso and both legs, with boots on the feet. He is hovering a foot or two above the chairs that make up our contact circle, and is just east-southeast of the circle. His size is estimated at 3-5 feet in height. Note that he is leaning forward, with his torso and head twisted to look directly at the camera. His right leg is bent behind him.”

Nope, still don't see it.

Fortunately, they provided this helpful image to help show exactly where the alien is:

I know what you're thinking. Incredible, isn't it?

Feel free to visit the site and see for yourself! Note that this is not a satirical website.

About Peter Harrison

Evo lab rat, student (again), stand-up comedian, magic consultant, writer, skeptic, gamer. Reality is my religion. http://peter-harrison.com Follow @Harrison_Peter for English. Follow @kaigishin for 日本語.

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  1. LOL… A branch is now termed as an extraterrestrial.

  2. That last pic with the red backdrop sort of looks like a copy of the Heisman trophy made of crumpled up tin foil.

  3. *Snort* Thanks for the DP warning, as I am actually drinking a can of that particular nectar at the moment.

    That’s almost as bad as the OMG! UFO’s in Stephenville!!eleventy!! Lights in the Sky!!!! No possible rational explination!!!!

    That is what my University went through last year. Mind you we’re within a half hour’s flight from several Air force bases. *sigh*

    • And I’m nowhere near an air force base, and we see nothing strange in the skies around here.

      Wait, I see a pattern. It’s all very clear to me now. Your air force base is working with the aliens. Obviously. It’s the only possible rational explanation.

  4. OMG this is such a ridiculous claim especially when it looks like that..haha!


  5. Must have been the burning bush Moses saw! He heard a voice also.

  6. This looks like a gloved left-hand holding what could be a clear bottle(water).
    Mr Greer stated: “as I was asking people to begin to be seated, that Raven Nabulsi took a remarkable photograph of an ET”.

    So while people were walking to their seats this picture was taken of Some body’s hand. I’ve made a GIFF to show my findings.


  7. Peter,

    Thanks for providing the skeptic role in all of this. Steven Greer has some topics that cross the spectrum of what does not offend people as much as the photos you posted. Richard Dolan made a good point when he says that these things are best kept away from skeptics, for the sake of both sides.

    That said, what do you think of the witness testimony that he gets from top military and government officials who go on camera in his documentaries (available on youtube)? While it’s entirely reasonable to question the pictures above, and I fully agree that people should do so, what value comes from preaching to the choir?

    People have gone jail for far less credible testimony than that of the people he shows in his disclosure documentary. Why not take the best information that he puts forth and analyze that for everyone’s benefit?

    I hope I don’t come off too confrontational here, just want to get some feedback on that.

    • I have to agree. Greer has clout and you can’t deny that with his list of highly credible witnesses and testimony’s. I do however agree that the photos are total horse shit but Abe makes some very reasonable points that should be researched before closing your mind totally to the possibilities the we are in fact being visited. Not to stray from the CSETI debate but a few of my favorite and most convincing evidence comes from three all American heroes that state on the record that we have not only been visited but have made contact with these beings and crafts. See for yourself by going to you tube and searching Buzz Aldrin, Edgar Mitchel, and my personal favorite Gordan Cooper and the statements they made on the subject. If the first two don’t convince you Gordan is one hard son of a bitch that you can’t help but to believe as he is stone solid about his interaction with “them” and you know he’s telling the truth. Anyway, thank you for the thread and I hope I have in some way helped.

      • you wrote this in 2010. It reflected my own thoughts. I would appreciate knowing the following : Have you come to believe or doubt Greer more?

  8. The photo of this ET is AUTHENTIC. I was on-site a the Joshua Tree 2009 CSETI training, and can vouch for the validity of this photo. There was a tremendous amount of ET/paranormal activity during the entire week of training, and I am not surprised that an ET was caught on film.

    I am a professional psychic, and I know what I saw, felt, heard, and sensed during the week-long training was real communication with ETs.

    OPEN your minds to the infinite possibilities!

    Ask yourself, what pre-conceived notions about ETs are stopping you from believing that this photo is the anything but the TRUTH?!

  9. Antonio C.Calabrese

    Yes, it is incredible! We have highly advanced satelite, surveillance, cctv,video & photography equipment – instant, sharp focus cameras; we even have a telescope that can take crystal clear pictures from far into the cosmos.
    And yet dear friends, as soon as we get close up to E.T, everything goes fuzzy. When they try to film them, they get the ‘shaky hands’ again!
    This is obviously some kind of bogus story to scaremonger the world into laying down of arms and live in peace. I’m all for world peace and a cleaner environment, but is this the best they can do to achieve it?
    One more thing – if these ‘aliens’ are so advanced in technology, why is it that when they travel millions of light years across the universe, then when they reach earth, ‘they crash’!
    Maybe they run out of gas… which seems that’s what Disclosure Project is running out of! Capische! Be well, all.

  10. It is widely held as fact that men and women cannot even understand one another and both come from the same species. If you will admit that men/women have a hard enough time understanding one another, then you might realize that understanding other intelligence life forms would be quite the challenge for our human brains.

    Skepticism makes complete sense, the main problem is that the conclusion is to therefore close your mind to any possibilities based on current levels of intelligence.

    It wasn’t too long ago that the idea of cordless cellphones would have been science fiction. Based on limited understand of say 30 years ago, cellphones would be impossible. Based on today’s thinking, they’re an obvious reality. Let’s not forget the countless topics that our limited brains cannot seem to understand even when they’re perfectly in front of us.

  11. why is it that all ET claims come from people who have normal camera when there are scientist all around the world looking for anything strange or anything coming into our atmosphere with crystal clear images. Another thing is after traveling for all that time why do they come at night why not daytime. and would they leave evidence of unknown chemical compound behind. come people your all acting like the stone age people. no ET has ever come to earth this bogus thing started less then a hundred years ago.

    And if there is ET they would be far less intelligent then us, why you ask. because the our solar system is in the center of the universe meaning we developed first in the universe to be intelligent. Most ET will be aliens animals and the would graze for billions of years till one species become intelligent enough to have a language or a form speech.

    ET’s wont be come here we will be finding them one day. We are ET whom will visit them one day. Good day to you all. Please people study Astronomy before you make claims.

  12. I’ve read Greer’s books and watched the two part testimonial documentary and the original press conference. I also follow CSETI and the Disclosure Project online. Greer handles testimonial evidence with one hand and a leap of faith with the other. There is nothing wrong with keeping an open mind, ET’s are just plain common sense. Too many stars, probability of a multiverse and not a single universe … and humans just 200 years from sailing ships are now discussing the possibility of a technological singularity due to the advent of quantum computing. Open your mind to the possiilities. Such a simple truth … we are not alone.

  13. Hi all,

    I’ve been folloing Dr. Grre’s work in the last couple year with great interest, beeing myself a witness of a great UFO sighting back in the 80’s here in Portugal (this was witnessed by hundreds of people and was on the news) I would love to see true evidence of UFO beeing disclosed in a near future…unfortunely in the past months the true intentions of Dr. Greer are slowly beeing revealed, when I see that he’s now claiming that he can get in contact using telephatic comunication and transe and can even get outer body experiences and fly around…well, this get’s me really concerned, firt thare goes the reputation of a guy that I trully admired for his pionieer work but now all is clear, this gentlemen is trying to build a new religious community based on some zen alien contact and with all the witnesses supporting him in the background. Just imagine the impact that proving ET contact would have in our society, firts there goes all known religion thru the window…so afther all we are not the supreme beeings made to the resemblance of our lord….oooopppsss…someone messed up! If this Dr. Greer comes to prove this in any loony way it’s a kind of scy-fi thing, but he’s gaining a lot of votes on this and is trully something to worry about, there’s a new documentary beeing released called “Sirius” funded by anonimous people (in his site you can contribute from 5 to 50.000 dolars if you wish) that supposelly will bring a new light to the UFO subject and will change peoples mentality in a never seen way. As an amateur astronomer and with a good knowledge in optical and photographic area I can surelly claim that all of the so called “phenomena” that this gentleman claims to have documented in the images presented on his site are nothing but light reflexes on the camera lens optical train, meteors, comunication sattelites (aka Iridiums), meteors, fire flys and so on…nothing about UFO activity around there, there’s also some short movie clips that claim to have some “entity” passing in front of the camera, this has an explanation, the camera is in night mode and there’s a infra red light LED to iluminate the scene in front of the camera, although our eyes dont see IR light, the camera’s CCD (sensor) see’s it perfectly, the frame rate is very low on the movie clip, about 1/5 th second or so, if a fly or a moth for ex. passes in front of the camera it would apear as a ellongated pattern due to the slow shutter speed with up/down figure (wings flaping up and down during flight) so nothing out of this world here. When people dont have the knowledge of what they are seeing they are easily fooled, this is very common, I will try to get in contact with Dr. Greer and challenge him to get in touch with some local amateur astronomers club and with help of propper equipment such as dedicated CCd astro cameras filters etc…and optical aid (telescope) to see if they can record something….I doubt it…let’s see. Do you here something about UFO’s comming form the astronomer community? No… why? Simple….because we know what we are seeing. But still I cant explain what I, my familly and hundreds of people saw that night…so keep an open mind…but no so much that your brain falls to the floor ;)


    • If you expect a response from those commenters, you probably shouldn’t start with personal insults.

    • To be skeptical is to require evidence. It’s about not just assuming things are true. We all have our own biases and beliefs. Being a skeptic is about realising that, and not just believing whatever it is we want to. We require evidence.

      You say we should do something other than be skeptical? You realise that the opposite of being skeptical would be to believe anything and everything, regardless of the quality of evidence. To essentially be so open-minded that your brain falls out. No thanks. I have no problem with the possibility of life existing elsewhere in the universe. I also have no problem with the possibility that extraterrestrials if they exist could maybe visit the Earth. But I see absolutely no good reason for a rational person to conclude that this has indeed happened.

      But when there is good reason, I’ll be among the first to celebrate. Until then, enjoy your beliefs, but don’t assume others who require evidence will suddenly drop their high standards and jump on the faith-based bandwagon.

      • Nicely put. I am almost certain that there is alien life. The universe is just too huge. Odds of we being the only life in the Universe is strange to me. However, my friend has been trying to convince me for quite some time now that we are in fact being visited. And that it has been going on for thousands of years. Additionally, there’s supposed to be huge ammounts of evidence. I have yet to see any scrap of evidence that would rock my world.

        People with a Scientific mindset are indeed too skeptical at times, yet these open minded people are actually doing it worse. As I can recall, it is our typical, cold, hardcore science that brought us out of superstition, and has developed incredible engineering, drugs, mathematical systems, social structure and even ways to peer into our brains, personality and behaviour (that’s my main concern since I’m studying psychology). I haven’t found one great advance in any pseudoscientific field, EVER. One of my Proffs, Eztel Cardena, claimed that he had found scientific proof in his field of parapsychology. Noone else agreed and I still have a hard time taking it seriously.

        Pseudoscientists are always making the same mistake. They should all read some Popper and go for the falsification method instead of just trying to prove the existence of something. If you are gullible and stand in a dark room looking for monsters, I’m sure you will find one.

  15. Ok, now everything is even clearer…on his blog Dr. Greer anounces that the goal of 250.000 dolars was reached and that the documentary that will disclose the UFO phenomenom in an unprecendeted way is going to be released in Dec. 2012, yet a new discovery was made, a dead alien creature was found and is in possession of someone anonymous for….security reason…yep, so to include a detailed study of this beeing in the documentary guess what Dr. Greer is asking for again…yes, you got it…MONEY, MORE MONEY so we can make a proper study of this deceased alien body…do I need to say more?

    greetings from an idiot sarcastic skeptik from Portugal

  16. Wow. So what you are saying essentially, is that the 400 plus eyewitnesses from the FBI, CIA, NRO, NSA, all 4 branches of the military, heads of the FAA, etc. So everyone of them is lying. People that have literally been entrusted with not only your personal safety here in the United States and elsewhere, are all absolutely crazy. Not only that but are willing to swear an oath before congress that the events they have seen or documents they have been privy to, were all hoaxed. Couple that with the literally millions of people who report these sightings across the world every year, they are all lying too.
    In addition, what you are saying is that the U.S government, and other world governments are completely transparent, and never keep secrets from the general public.

    There is nothing wrong with being skeptic, and you should be, but if you start to dismiss eyewitness testimony purely out of hand because you don’t like where the information is leading, this is childish and naive. Certainly if you dismiss these individuals accounts, then you must dismiss all eyewitness accounts in a criminal court, which means that any individual convicted of a crime based on eyewitness accounts, their conviction must immediately be overturned and these criminals must be released. This is you’re reasoning. Oh wait, but you want to pick and choose which eyewitness testimony you believe, again based on your preconceived notions of what is possible.

    And to the clown who thinks that humanity is the be all end all of intelligent life in the universe, and that the Earth and our solar system is the center of the universe. If we are the be all end all of intelligent life in the universe, then God needs to be strung up by his toenails for a pathetically poor attempt at creation. Humans are animals, savages, except that we are lower than animals in that we rarely kill for food, we mostly kill for fun. The vast majority of humans are disgusting.

    But I will admit that you are correct in your view that we are the center of the universe. If the universe extends infinitely in all directions, then by definition any point within that infinite expanse is in the center. So you at least got that small little factoid right. GG

    If you are naive enough to believe that you’re government has your best interests in mind and would never keep secrets from yourself or other countries, then you deserve whats coming to you.

  17. Dear Needles,

    If you read my first comment on this subject you would see that I’m the first person to be open minded to E.T. presence on planet earth, as I said I was witness to a major UFO sighting here in Portugal in the 80’s, in fact that event is what lead me to have a great interest in the Astronomy area, I’ve an active amateur astronomer for more ten 10 years now. With the knoledge in this area that I’ve been gathering so far, still I cant explain what I saw that night, it was nothing that fits in “rational thinking” at least.
    What I say, and I think we all should be aware is the growing “strangeness” of Dr. Greer’s claims, worst still, I cant see any significant evidence of what he’s claiming, all I see is “give me money”.
    When peolple wnat to believe something so hard they often get eluded, we all should keep an eye on this gentleman and he’s true intentions that in my oppinion are to create a new religion.
    Let me tell you that I’ve been folowing the Disclosure project with major interest for the last years, and sure all the 400+ testemonies are valid, those people were telling the truth, such as I am when I talk about my experience, I’m not saying that those people are nuts, I’m saying that Dr. Greer is claiming too much with no plausible evidence of he’s claim’s and that make’s him loose credibility. If the movie Sirius does come out and proves that E.T. contact has occured and shows true evidence of that, I’ll be the first to jump for joy…trust me.


  18. Greer does ask for money to promote his concepts and information gleaned from scientists, ex military top brass and astronaunts to name a few of the 500 + who have disclosed illegal black opps. Governments and those in power just take your money and hide everything from you and then send you to war? Morally high ground people should be questioning the actions of the leaders of the world who have lead us to poverty, starving, financial ruin etc etc. Americans can’t believe there are countries that have small defence budgets, yet provide free medicial, free schooling through to teritary, unemployment payments, grants for arts, technology and any stupid thing. Some countries give yearly payouts because the country made so much that year and they don’t need taxes. Americans should be looking into who is taking their money and where is it disappearing to. Rumsfield mentioned billions disappearing, start with him. Europe has also been caught in the financial mess after leaders came up with some bright ideas that has lead many to ruin. If there are free energy devises and tech that can change the world to give people clean water, energy and freedom from listening to politicians and world leader going on and on yet getting deeper and deeper into dispair. We need peace, unity and open minds to how or what highly evolved intelligences may use to communicate. Ancient gods who introduced writing, medicine, astromony and all manner of things also introduced meditation and thought communication. Thoth Orisis and the vedas have some pretty amazing technologies. And the god of doctors has a pretty strange staff that looks like a DNA strand with two venticles of the brain on top? We are not alone. Its well documented even New Scientist announced any scientist who couldn’t believe there was life outside our planet should give up science. As there are millions of earth like planets out there in our galaxy. Who knows we may be part of the human species that pervades all of space? How these beings co-operate with each other god knows and hopefully he will tell us.

  19. For those that think Steven Greer is doing this for the $300+k that has been raised so far, I remind you a surgical doctor in the ER (which he is) already make hundreds of thousands of dollars a year, would not put their family and himself through the rigors of charlatanism unless he believes it to be true.

    It blows my mind that people dont find credible the testimonies of guys like former astronauts and engineers who know aliens exist. What interests me is the powers that are preventing society from adopting it without ridicule.


    • Greer’s ‘organisation’ makes in excess of 7 figures yearly, check his tax filings. Greer=a huge money grabbing con artist. Been around years, disclosed nothing, no evidence, usual BS :)

  20. ….Just a quick thought, it’s January 2013, where’s the “Sirius” movie that was supposed to be released in Dec. 2012?

  21. its another gift to mankind … if someone is ready to take it

  22. DR.GREER is nothing but a snake oil salesman!what a bunch of bullshit so called coherent thought sequencing,remote viewing,telepathic lies.same old crap from the 90’s never proof.and people say i have to be open mineded in order for me to have contact….unbelivable.!he’s breaking the law pointing lasers at airplanes in the skys at night,put him in jail

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  26. Deep subject…shallow mind. You offer no intelligent counter argument to this subject, only childish humor which must be entertain to those with your same mindset. Your knowledge of the subject is limited by your own personal experience and you’re not convincing (fooling) anyone with an IQ on the left side of a decimal. You are a member of a shrinking minority. Such skepticism would be better placed who believe in the Global Warming scam and the uneducated politician who stated, “The science is settled…and…the consensus proves…” But like I said, “Deep subject….”

  27. I can’t see the images.. why are they taken down? I have tried different browsers. can someone please email them to me at uticaedmc@gmail.com

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