Game: Name that awesome scientist!

I thought of an interesting way to test your memory, and maybe teach you something you didn’t know. Well, it will only test your memory if you’ve seen this image before. Otherwise, you better get searching!

One of my heroes. But who is it?

Who is this guy? I’ve got a short article to write about this interesting fellow, which I’ll post either when the correct answer comes in, or the time is up. I’ve posted this on Twitter and Facebook too. If you want to take part, you’ve got a week to answer. You can post your answers here on the blog, send me a tweet, or leave a Facebook comment. First person to answer correctly is the winner. The prize is a boost to your ego. I may do this each week, assuming I don’t run out of scientist heroes. Pretty sure that won’t happen for a while.

Good luck!

UPDATE: The answer can be found here.

About Peter Harrison

Evo lab rat, student (again), stand-up comedian, magic consultant, writer, skeptic, gamer. Reality is my religion. Follow @Harrison_Peter for English. Follow @kaigishin for 日本語.

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  1. Chad Everett!!

  2. You really should be able to throw the image at google an know the answer by now :/ Well I guess you should have your fun while reverse image search technology is in its infancy.

    • If I do this again, I plan on changing he clue each time. So next time it could be a written clue instead of an image. Or it could be an image of a discovery or invention rather than the individual. Had some hilarious answers sent to me bu none correct so far. I will share the incorrect ones because they’re great!

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