Game: Name that awesome scientist!

Last month I challenged my readers to identify an awesome scientist from just a photograph. The scientist was a hero of mine, Sir Cyril Astley Clarke. Nobody was able to guess who it was though, despite some brilliantly imaginative attempts at answering. Maybe it will be easier this time. Without further ado, here is the next awesome scientist!

Jogged your memory? If you've never seen him before, you better get searching!

This awesome scientist is another hero of mine, and I’ll be happy to write a little about this interesting chap once we’re done. I’ve posted this on Facebook and Twitter as well. You’ve got a week to get the correct answer. You can send me the answer on Facebook, on Twitter or leave a comment here. First to answer correctly is the winner. What’s the prize? A boost to your ego mainly. But who knows… maybe even a real prize too…

Good luck!

About Peter Harrison

Evo lab rat, student (again), stand-up comedian, magic consultant, writer, skeptic, gamer. Reality is my religion. Follow @Harrison_Peter for English. Follow @kaigishin for 日本語.

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  1. Debayan Sinharoy

    Motoo Kimura. It’d be a shame if any student of biology missed this one.

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