Magic, Dragons, and Dinosaur Saddles (Oxford 7/3/13)

This Wednesday (3/7/2013) I’ll be speaking at Oxford Skeptics in the Pub about creationism. I spent a year working with the world’s top creationist organisations, collating the strongest arguments for creationism, so that I could discover and present the ultimate argument in favour of creationism. It was a serious investigation, but it might be unintentionally hilarious (like creationism).

The talk takes place at St Aldate’s Tavern and begins at 7:30 pm.

About Peter Harrison

Evo lab rat, student (again), stand-up comedian, magic consultant, writer, skeptic, gamer. Reality is my religion. Follow @Harrison_Peter for English. Follow @kaigishin for 日本語.

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  1. Im from SHA. and you know what? the therapist there does not even do therapy on us at all! what she did for me was tell me that everything that I was doing was wrong or childish. then she would tell me over and over again what was right or “truth”. HECK she convinced me that talking to my grandma was wrong whenever i got in a fight with my mom! and the beans and greens??!?!?! The counselors there are all incompetent. the only thing they know how to do is punish you for doing nothing wrong or slamming you to the ground when you try to argue a point with them when they are wrong. they take away candy, TV, Friends (apparently all of them are bad “influences”), family (except once a month), and all religion freedom. If you are not a christian you are shunned until you become one. no wonder in these last years they are having a LOW “success rate. go figure

  2. Big Bang + Darwin’s ( Evolution )Theory vs Practical explanation ( i challenge you all disprove it or disprove Gravity )

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